We have some very exciting news! After months of development, more months of testing, and even more weeks in limbo waiting for approval from Apple… We have officially launched our app on the App Store.

Some of you may remember us announcing that we were starting development way back in June last year. We spent several months transforming our online game into a miniature, more portable (but mightier by far) version, tweaking the gameplay sequence a little to make sure everything flowed just right.

We spent a couple of months testing amongst ourselves but in the end, we agreed that was a tad selfish… keeping such a groundbreaking and unique concept all to ourselves? We couldn’t carry on like that. So we decided to get out there and see how you guys liked it.

Late last year we introduced the TNBF app to the world at a launch event hosted at Everyman Cinema, we could not have asked for a better response – you loved it! Naturally, there were a couple of teething problems, but when isn’t there?

It was definitely a marathon, not a sprint… it took a long time and a lot of hard work, and there were a couple of times we thought we’d hit a wall… but it’s been an unforgettable journey and we’re so glad you’ve come along for the ride with us!

Now, onwards and upwards…. This is only the beginning, we need your feedback so we can evolve this concept and help focus our plethora of ideas to prioritise what you want from us.