At her godfather’s holiday party, Clara is a presented with a golden thread that will lead her to the key to the gift her late mother left her. Only things are more complicated than they first appear when, on finding the key, it transports itself to a parallel world of four realms: The Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers, Land of Sweets and the ‘Fourth Realm’.

In order to retrieve her key and restore balance to the increasingly turbulent world, Clara must team up with her new found friends to venture into Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren)’s ominous Fourth Realm.

The Disney movie also stars Keira Knightley as The Sugar Plum Fairy and Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer. And if you recognise Clara that’s because the young actress, Mackenzie Foy, also played Renesmee in the Twilight Saga way back when.

Disney took in whole third of the total Summer box office revenue and its live action remakes have proved a hit in the past, but as an unknown story this could be a risky bet. A slow start seems likely but the Christmas theme could make it a top choice for kids as the holiday season draws closer.