The most loved, and possibly most heartwrenching, Disney movie of all time (I stand by that statement, feel free to @ us) is the next in line to get the live-action treatment. The Lion King will be released 19th July in the UK – whilst it would perhaps be a stretch to say this is the key driving force, this time of year is not unfamiliar with record-breaking children’s animations… 


Who are we kidding? We know it’ll be you in the front seats. That’s the beauty of these live-action remakes; they attract those who were there the first time around, whilst also pulling in the new generation. It also gives Disney the opportunity to give itself a subtle rebrand, bringing the loved and leaving behind the criticised. 


With most films we look at here, a strong, well-known cast is used to make the point that a film is more likely to succeed. Here, the cast is so strong and so big, the fact they believed enough in the film’s success to be a part of it says it all. The Queen herself, Beyonce will be playing Nala, Donald Glover will be Simba, and Seth Rogen has been cast as Pumbaa – to name just a few. 


It’s going to be a hit alright, but how big will it be? Care to take a guess…? We’ll be auctioning off The Lion King on the first 3 Mondays of July. Don’t worry if you miss out at the auctions though, it’s scheduled as a side bet from the 8th to the 12th!