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You are the senior exec for one of the world’s largest film studios, producing and distributing successful movies for millions across the globe. Your company’s film portfolio and its success is your responsibility, you are competing with the likes of Disney, Universal and Warner Bros.. Your objective is to generate as much revenue as possible by strategically managing your company’s budget to predict and procure the next big film thus reaping the reward of its box office success.


1. In order to play the daily box-office game you must download the iOS app from App Store.
2. You will then need to register using your email address and create a username and password – choose carefully, you will be referred to by your username throughout the game.


1. The main game uses its own virtual currency (£) which you can use to participate in the fantasy film auction to bid and purchase auctioned films.
2. You will be credited with 1 million virtual pounds each day upon opening the app. You must open the app in order to receive your virtual money!
3. Your virtual money can only be used to participate in the fantasy film auction game. It can not be exchanged with anyone else or for anything else.

Your objective is to use your virtual currency to outbid other players in your league to purchase the films you think will be the highest box-office performer.

1. Each day TNBF will present one upcoming film, you can find this on the Auction Dashboard.
2. Every player league in the league can bid on the Auctioned film if they have sufficient funds to do so.
3. Each film will start with an opening bid value of £0.01M / £10,000 virtual pounds.
4. Players can bid as much as they like and increase their bid by any amount they wish but they can not spend more than their budget allows.
5. When a bid is made against a film, the amount submitted will be deducted from the players overall credit balance. You can’t recover this money until someone outbids you.
6. The auction for each film starts at 00:05 and closes on the same day at 23:57.
7. The player with the highest bid at the time of closing becomes the owner of that film and secures the rights to a percentage of the films revenue.
8. Films are auctioned off on four different occasions, once for each week in the first month of its box office run.
9. The successful purchase of the film entitles the player to 60% of the films revenue for that particular box-office week. This player becomes the virtual owner of the film, granting them its revenue and distribution rights for one week only.
10. The earliest known film release date is used as a starting point to measure all subsequent weeks.

Your objective is, by selecting from a given range, to correctly predict how a film will do in its opening weekend.

1. Every 2 days, one, and only one, box-office film will be shown and you will be able to predict how it do in its opening weekend.
2. Under each film, a selection of four box-office revenue ranges is available for the player to select. You can only select one.
3. If the players select the correct range then they will be credited with a share of that amount into their leaderboard balance.
4. There is no penalty for choosing the incorrect revenue range.
5. You will have until we show the next film to make the selection.


The goal of the overall game is to generate as much box-office revenue as possible. This is done by either purchasing various films during the Auction as well as making correct film revenue predictions. A successful purchase of a film will entitle the buyer to 60% of the films box-office revenue for the corresponding week. While a successful prediction will entitle the player to a share of that film’s revenue in that particular period.

1. The purchase of a subscription plan will enable the player to unlock more money from both their purchased films and their successful predictions.


Winners, or those in a leading position, are the ones with the highest overall balance of those in their league. This then translates into a position in the game’s leaderboard.

1. A Player’s overall balance is comprised of unspent credited virtual pounds, revenue from purchased films and money earned from successful film predictions.
2. The overall balance is used to establish rankings and players with the highest overall balance in their league will occupy a leading position.
3. There are no seasons, the box-office prediction game is a continuous box-office experience.