Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood will be relying on its star-crammed cast to bring in the big bucks in lieu of a catchy title. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Dakota Fanning and many more, this is quite possibly the biggest film of the year in terms of cast but whether it will be the biggest film revenue wise is questionable.

The movie follows Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth as they grasp at one last chance for fame whilst navigating an unrecognisable industry – the Golden Age of Hollywood they made their names in is fizzling out. When Dalton lands a job following an impressive and emotional performance, it seems that things may just be heading in the right direction…

That is until we’re reminded that this is a Tarantino film after all. It’s a tricky one to gage, this film could pull in both those lusting after a bit of 60s nostalgia and extreme action fans, satisfying both equally and thus pulling in an audience to be reckoned with. Or it could create a niche so bizarre that office workers across the country will be bobbing their heads over computer screens saying ‘uhm yeah that was a bit weird’ for the next 6 months. 

The movie is off to a good start in the US box office but has dropped significantly from week to week. The UK release this weekend may provide a little boost but will that be enough to bring the movie up on par with 2019’s other big releases?