The hit movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It returns for a second chapter. The now adults, returning to their home town 27 years later, come back to our screens more traumatised than us when we left them last. 2017’s It proved to be a game changer for horrors in the box office, raking in $700.4m worldwide.

The child stars, one of the key factors in the prequel’s success, are joined by their grown-up counterparts played by Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader. Bill Skarsgard returns to the iconic role of Pennywise. It: Chapter 2 is released on 6th September, a similar time of year to its predecessor. We would predict this one to make slightly less at approximately $500m – we can’t imagine this doing quite as well as its prequel but still expect it to put up a good fight at the box office.