Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on lots of major projects. One of which has been a video that, in a mere 5 minutes, would provide potential investors with all the information they needed about our concept, our core values and our plans for the future. Way back in April, we put pen to paper (fingers to keypad, let’s be honest) and started planning what we wanted investors to know about us.

We’re pretty passionate about what we’re doing – we have a product that will make waves in the film and entertainment industry. The UK’s first box office prediction game, providing users with a space they can engage with their favourite movies throughout its entire life cycle and the film industry an opportunity to connect with their audience in a new and innovative way.
What’s not to like? This video was our chance to get this, and much more about us, across to the people who could bring our concept to life… but with a time limit of just a few minutes, this was more challenging than we’d originally thought.

As a Leeds based company, we wanted to stay true to our roots. So we teamed up with local visual production company, Seabrook Media. With them, we honed our script and ironed out all the small details… by the end of May, we were ready to go. Filming day one was here.
Our main location was an obvious choice. Hyde Park Picture House*, having kept much of its original features, takes us on a journey back through the history of public cinema right back to 1914. It is the only remaining gas-lit cinema in the UK… and it’s on our doorstep! Local, original, and unique – just like us. At HPPH, we filmed our CEO talking about what our concept, and now product, means for the movie industry. Spoiler alert – it’s groundbreaking.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to showcase our core team, a small but passionate group ready to change the way films are marketed. Hours worth of reshoots and re-edits later we think we’ve managed to capture this, and we definitely have a greater appreciation of the whole movie making process!

The video will be launched on Crowdcube later this month, unfortunately, you will not be able to bid on its performance in the box office! In the meantime, don’t forget you can follow us on social media to get all our latest updates or just join the conversation!

*A huge thank you to the team at HPPH for letting us film in your amazing space, hopefully we’ve done it justice on camera!