The most anticipated movie of the year, hands down. The pinnacle of our journey in the Marvel universe, years in the making – 10 years to be exact since we were introduced to lone (kind of) survivor Tony Stark.

The movie will pick up at the end of the last one, in a world completely devastated by Thanos’ indiscriminate genocide with all hope resting on a message sent by Nick Fury to an unknown recipient on sketchy tech just before he disintegrated, along with half the population.

Was his call for help misplaced?

All we can really know for certain is that this will be one of the biggest box-office hits of the year. Marvel movies consistently turn up at the top of the list of highest grossing movies and regularly break revenue records – as the climatic ‘ending’ to the Avengers series, we expect this one to do the best yet. That means, at the very least, grossing over $2bn.

You can bid on Avengers: Endgame’s opening week in the box office on the 18th April, with the following weeks being auctioned off every subsequent Wednesday until mid-May. In other words, don’t panic if you didn’t manage to get the first week, this one’s a gift that’ll keep on giving.

In fact, it may work out in your favour. Whilst Avengers: Infinity War revenue dropped by about 50% each week, it was still making a solid seven figures each week until week 16. As we only auction off the first 4 weeks of a film’s run, the minimum return you’d be expecting to get from any of the weeks is about £20m… and you’d be paying out far less for week 4 than you would be for week 1.

So what tactic are you going for? All in on week 1, or a more strategic approach that allows you to cash in without putting all your *eggs* (it’s Easter, I couldn’t resist) in one basket? Let us know on Twitter @thenextbigfilm_ or in the comments below.