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Welcome to

The Next Big Film


As the world’s first daily box-office predictiction game, The Next Big Film is a new and exciting platform for film fans, studios and gamers alike. We combine elements from film, gaming and fantasy sport to provide a unique and immersive experience that enables meaningful interaction between films and their fans.


Players take on the role of film giants and distributors, competing within the industry to bid for films and grow their portfolio of box office hits in a virtual environment. Film values fluctuate based on real time events, and will determine a player’s success or failure. Players can also check out the latest Hollywood news, read film updates and research box-office stats, as well as view trailers through The Next Big Film’s fully interactive platform.




Get the FREE app from the Apple App store and receive your in-game credit of £1m (virtual) every day you the open app.



Using virtual currency, players compete to acquire box-office revenue by playing:
Auction (Daily Game) – Players compete to outbid others to purchase a film.
Side Bets (Secondary Game) – Players make strategic box-office revenue predictions.

Track and Share

Track and Share

Players can follow their film’s box-office success through the app as well as compete with other film distributors and share their success with friends and movie rivals alike.



The Plot

Here’s your chance to shine as the Chief Executive of a big-name film distributor (think 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros, Disney etc). You are responsible for your company’s film portfolio and the revenue it generates. Strategically spend your budget to buy the films you believe will land you at the top, gain the competitive advantage, and acquire the most revenue.


Do you have an eye for the next box-office blockbuster? Can you spot a potential flop? Test your film knowledge further by predicting how much a film will make during a specific time period. This side-game provides a lifeline to those who get it wrong first time round, giving them a second chance and an opportunity to make additional revenue.

Mobile First


Go head-to-head with other film distributors in an all-out bidding war. Use your virtual credit to outbid others in your Film League to purchase the next big film. Each day, a series of new films is released and auctioned off. The highest bidder becomes the owner and secures the rights to a percentage of a film’s box-office revenue.

Box-Office Stats / Comparison

Players can track the box-office success of their purchased films, throughout its theatrical run, via My Films in our app. They can also compare bidding history, strategy and forecasting skills against other competing players via our in-game Leaderboard.




Engage and interact with your favourite movies, from production to release and beyond.


Build your own film communities with players and friends

Get Social

Share box-office successes and follow others as you compete

Take Ownership

Bid for the next big film to win revenue rights

Increase Interaction

Extend engagement with movies beyond their release



The film industry is exciting, creative and fast moving – but could be more relevant when marketing their products. Blanket, mass-market approaches fail to create real engagement with audiences, and film interest levels quickly decline after release. These inefficient marketing strategies burn through marketing budgets and provide invested film fans with little more than a few trailers or posters.

The Next Big Film reduces film-marketing costs by offering a unique, interactive platform where film studios can directly connect and communicate with their audiences. We collect real-time audience-specific data and gain unique commercial insights about upcoming films, whilst making the entire film production cycle engaging for the fan.



Our journey began two years ago, starting as a game played between friends – but we’ve come a long way since then. We’ve spent the last year designing our game, developing our brand, and building our core team. Now we’re ready to launch our app…. we hope you enjoy playing.


Team TNBF Forms

Beta Game Released

Company Site Launches

iOS App Launches



From the Big Screen to the App Store, we’re thrilled to announce that The Next Big Film is now available on iOS devices. Think you know a box-office blockbuster from a down and out flop? Why not put your (virtual) money where your mouth is and place your bid.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on, grab a piece of the action and win virtual ownership of The Next Big Film. Download The Next Big Film app and become a first-generation user, helping us shape the product and spread the word…

Read more –

The Next Big Film is currently available on the Apple App Store, future development will focus on creating a version accessible to all.




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