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    China's second aircraft carriers landed in Dalian, Fan Changlong attended and delivered a speech
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    China's second aircraft carriers landed in Dalian, Fan Changlong attended and delivered a speech

    China's first aircraft carrier! 1 minutes, 3D exposing its combat effectiveness

    Chinese launched the first domestic aircraft carrier hundred aircraft carrier dream round


       Xinhua news agency, Dalian, April 26 - China's launching ceremony of the second aircraft carriers was held at the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp Dalian shipyard on the morning of 26 th. Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee

       Member Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

       9 am, the ceremony began in the majestic national anthem. In accordance with international practice, "throwing bottles" ceremony after the ribbon cutting ceremony". With a bottle of champagne breaking down the bow, two sides of the jet brilliant colorsthe ship sounded siren, the whole room gave a loud applause. The carrier slowly moved out of the dock and docked at the dock under tow.

       Second aircraft carriers were developed by ourselves. They were started in November 2013 and built in March 2015. At present, the aircraft carrier hull completed construction, power, electricity and so on System equipment installed in place. Docking is one of the important nodes in the construction of aircraft carriers, which marks a significant achievement in the design and construction of aircraft carriers in china. NextStep, the aircraft carrier will be outfitting equipment commissioning and system construction according to the plan, and carry out a comprehensive mooring test Navy, CSIC group leader Shen Jinlong, Miao Hua, Hu Wenming and in

       To the leaders of relevant departments and scientific research personnel, cadres and workers, the participation of officers and representatives attended the ceremony etc..

       According to World Wide Web reported that, at 12:13 on April 26th, the last two tugs leave the domestic aircraft carrier, which marks the successful completion of the new aircraft launching stage,    will be in the next one or two years

       A terminal to complete key outfitting work.


       In addition to domestic aircraft carrier! Chinese Navy recently a lot of strokes

       There is a breakthrough in carrier technology, but it is still not enough to rely solely on aircraft carriers to implement the strategy of big powers. A more critical measure is whether the navy has sufficient long-range capacity. Airlines

       The mother is only capable of projecting fire, and can solve some of the problems; and the delivery of troops can solve even more.


       China soon launched the first domestic aircraft carrier "injured" country is it

       China's second aircraft carriers have not yet been launched, and the India media has taken the initiative to "claim" its own threat. The India economic times cited the following reasons: China is about to complete

       The construction of the aircraft carrier, which will begin serving in the navy in 2020, will also develop a third aircraft carrier in Shanghai; in addition, China is upgrading its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning warship

       Ability to train aircraft carrier based aircraft pilots, only a few countries in the world can do so, and more experts predict that China will build at least six aircraft carriers in the future.

                                  Authors: Wang Jingguo, Wu Dengfeng

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