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    Psons Festival essence, all rivers run into sea, always put the talent as a business enterprise development of this, in this competition, the development of the. After more than 10 years of continuous development, has formed a respect for people, dedicated, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of good corporate climate. With its unique talent recruitment strategy, broad career development space, excellent talent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and humanistic corporate culture concept, the enterprise has become the height of talent gathering. We hope that more like-minded people will join the ranks of new, middle and big enterprises, and more and more people will pay attention to the development of the new and medium-sized universities!

    Compensation and benefits

    The company provides competitive compensation in the same industry, and establishes a salary system corresponding to the rank system of the position, and maintains the fairness, motivation of the external, internal and individual of the salary situation through the salary management. Mainly on the basis of the salary of the staff is the staff's value, personal ability and the performance of the three major factors, we expect employees to play a good ability to work in their respective positions, to create excellent performance, show the individual maximum value.
    1. pay social insurance and housing accumulation fund for employees according to the state regulations.
    2., according to the provisions of the state and in accordance with the company's own regulations, to provide better than the national statutory staff paid annual leave.
    3., providing staff lunch allowance, housing allowance, wedding gift, gift of birth, birthday gift, important holiday gift and so on.
    4., in the Department as a unit, each employee has a certain amount of annual activities, funds for departmental activities and employee exchanges.
    5. arrange annual health check and other personal benefits.

    Career development channel

    Double ladder, multi-channel career development for employees in the company's career development provides a broad space and platform:
    1., employees can according to their ability and career planning, management potential and ability of employees walk the management line career path;
    2. willing to precipitate in a professional (including product development, marketing, management and implementation of technical support in four areas), painstaking research, experts in the field of professional staff of professional occupation line channel become; in a professional field, also occupation adjustment and development opportunities of parallel channels, such as in the field of product development you can adjust the parallel development, in the product design management, the underlying technology development, product application development, product evaluation etc..

    Employee training

    We have always thought that employee training is one of the important management tasks of the company. The development of the company can not be separated from the development of employee ability and career development.
    The system of new employee Supervisor: the company is equipped with a mentor for each new colleague counseling for 3-6 months, new colleagues help clear job responsibilities, grasp the work of professional skills, improve work efficiency, work and life into the new environment as soon as possible. New employees into the company focus on training new employees: centralized training courses including the development process of the company, corporate culture, management system, product system, business system, industry knowledge, occupation literacy skills etc..
    The new employee rotation learning: product development, marketing, technology implementation class into our new colleagues, will arrange into different departments rotation learning, help new colleagues familiar with the company's products and business processes more quickly into the work role. Training: according to staff positions and requirements, provide professional skills and management training to help employees work effectively, and provide better support for employee occupation development in the company on the platform.

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